pwrcache.exe preloads all icons
Users reported slow performance of their laptops especially at logon. When investigating the bottlenecks it became clear the hard disk was the cause of the degraded response times. For troubleshooting the problem Iíve used the Windows Performance Analyzer (WPA) from the Microsoft Advanced Development Kit (ADK).

Analyzing the baseline with the Windows Performance Analyzer (WPA)
Baseline measurement with WPA
When analyzing the data, a few things catched my attention:
1. The Harddisk is at 100% in the entire boot process
2. The pwrcache.exe process is quite busy in this phase
3. the pwrcache.exe process is Ö. preloading all the icon filesÖ?
After providing RES with this information a new updated pwrcache.exe was created for RES Workspace Manager 2012 SR 3 fixpack 7. Now itís time to test with the custom executable which no longer loads the unnecessary icons. The results are as displayed in the image on the right.

Analyzing the the improvements with the Windows Performance Analyzer (WPA)

Analyzing the the improvements with the Windows Performance Analyzer (WPA)
Measurement of the new situation .
The icon files are left alone which causes a good increase in the boot performance of the laptop, but still for the pfsync.exe process is loading unnecessary files. This time my eye jumps to all the .osd files. Iíve reported this issue as well and recently it has been fixed in SR 4 revision 1. The increase in performance by skipping the .osd files was not of much impact in my test setup, but i can imagine situations where this could make some difference in the performance of the system.

So if you are using RES Workspace Manager 2012 on single user computers that are shutdown and started regularly, please update to Service Release 3 fixpack 7 to enjoy shortened logon times.

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